As I said on Youtube, he shouldn't try to complete every room before choosing where to Inside the room you will find Iris and after the cutscene you will get the trophy. Throughout the guide, I will make references to both routes, so here is a picture so you can get a clearer idea. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Defeat Slogra and Gaibon. The Fairy familiar (or Half-Faerie if you search the web for other versions), not to be confused with the Faerie familiar you get in the Library, is one of the five (seven? How to obtain the Shield Rod 1200: 2500: Death Wing's Lair: Beelzebub: Beelzebub, Lord of Flies. The strategy with Maria and Richter is similar; however, in the case of Maria, it is recommended that you obtain the Dragon familiar from one of the chandeliers prior to the fight with Dracula. Okay, for players who have a hard time with Doppleganger (the Alucard Equip the rod and any The bat familar will kill most of the zombies that appear, also make sure you are looking in the direction of the zombies or the bat will not hit them. The complete set is located in the Marble Gallery in a room above the central clock room, specifically in the following area of the normal castle: However, in order to access these rooms, it will be necessary to previously obtain two items, the Leap Stone (although you can time a wolf run jump and un-morph just at the height of the candle so you can bounce and reach the platform), and the stopwatch subweapon, which could be found close to clock room at the Marble Gallery. However, the key that opens the door is obtained during the third area while being chased by the Behemoth. Under this room, you'll see a bird's nest. Easiest Way: Use the Shield Rod + Alucard Shield (or a pair of Crissaegrims) to defeat them in no time (“Tips and Tricks”). The Full Belmonty, Step 1: Beat Castlevania Symphony of the Night while getting the bad ending. (MISSABLE) About Symphony of the Night Castles This trophy makes reference to Castlevania II Simon's Quest, during which Simon was forced to look for the relics to lift the curse implanted in him by Dracula in a previous installment. Castlevania Requiem: The Young Huntress Trophy. As for the normal way, check the recommended strategy below: Now, get the holy glasses (if you hadn't done that before) (Flip It and Reverse ) and fight against Richter once again, this time though, equip the glasses, which will allow you to focus on destroying the now revealed green orb controlling him. Kill her copies when needed. Following is a description of each of these relics, as well as the place where you can find them: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Complete the Master Librarian’s Enemy List. Full Belmonthy contains a time efficient video I made so you can get 100% of the game without having to explore all the aformentioned variants; however, if you want to have a better idea of them, I invite you to check this LINK It is highly suggested to save Maria and Annette is this step. This is because Maria is much faster than Richter and has access to the Guardian Knuckle ability, which deals massive damage to the bosses. Continue Simon’s Quest Also, If you followed my advice to kill all the enemies you encounter on each room you entered during your map completion journey (Map Legend), you will get this trophy as soon as you defeat Dracula in the final battle (Lisa, forgive me…). 30) From the left Save Room in Inverted … 1. How to Obtain the Leather Shield Once you press on this purple polyhedron (like if you were trying to save your game), you will be taken to an alternate reality in which you will relive the past of Lisa (Alucard's mother)´s death. I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to rage at raocow's exploration method, lol. It should help new players and crusty old guys like me. The earliest time you can obtain this trophy is when you first reach the Outer Wall area, after going through the Marble Gallery and the Clock room. After you defeat Dracula during the final battle (Lisa, forgive me…), your save data will show a “CLEAR” message during the memory card loading options, this enables, among other things, the possibility to play as Richter Belmont by selecting a new save data and entering the name RICHTER on it. The boss should not be difficult at this stage of the game. PlayStation - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! For this, during the first area of the stage, just before crossing the door, you will see a small stone statue that relates to one of the frogs that attacked you at the beginning of this stage. Thanks for this. The Mablung Sword can be obtained as a rare drop from the enemy Spectral Sword, who is located in the Anti Chapel area of the inverted castle. I can confirm that, in my case, the trophy popped out. Duck to evade the energy beams and stay away from the fireballs. Galamoth is a giant boss that resides in the Floating Catacombs of the Inverted Castle and is easily one of the hardest bosses in the game if you are not well prepared as he has 6,666 HP and devasting attacks!!!! How to obtain the Sword of Dawn Step 4: Beat Shaft at the Inverted Castle using Richter Belmont. If you can stay away from their attack, you can hit them every time they attempt to land, thus keeping them in the air and keeping yourself safe. Continue casting the spell until you get the trophy. After you defeat Dracula during the final fight (Lisa, forgive me…) your save data will show a “CLEAR” message during the “memory card” loading options. 5 comments. This boss was originally the end boss of Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-kun and his appearance in Symphony of the Night is one of the toughest battles in the game. Faerie Familiar in sword Familiar location pls help? Immediately, get all the way to the corner because he will throw shadow energy balls which cannot be absorbed. Яко е! Check the map below for the specific location: Once you have both items, use the clock subweapon (with and ) and go up the newly opened path after the angel statue disappears. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: View the circle of life underneath the view of a telescope. Check the map below for their location (it’s the same room where you fought the Minotaur and the Werewolf in the normal castle): Boss Strategy (Trevor, Sypha and Grant) Galamoth is a giant dragon-like demon and a boss in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, based on the non-canon spin-off games Kid Dracula. He has 6,666 HP!!!! Make It Rain Once you have the ability to morph into a bat (Vampire’s Greatest Hits), you can reach the highest part of the Castle Keep (normal castle) and enter the throne room to face Richter Belmont, the legendary vampire hunter who was possessed by Shaft at the end of Rondo of Blood. How to get the Gravity Boots Here is a video I made to show you how you can defeat Dracula with Richter. See, the Crissaegrim is literally almost impossible to find unless you knew about it previously. School of Hard Knocks Although the trophy tries to make reference to Castlevania: Portait of Ruin, the spell has no relation with this installment what so ever. Bat Friends Forever!! 100% Upvoted. Once you obtain the sword, equip it in both hands (it is a two-hand sword) and execute the special command to summon one of the four warriors of the dawn (Archer of Dawn, Mage of Dawn, Warrior of Dawn and the Hooded Archer of Dawn) randomly. Castlevania Requiem: Nothing but Annette Trophy. After the fourth teleportation, Dracula will attack with two energy balls, the first one from above and the second one below, duck to evade the first one and jump the second to evade the attack. The sphere will emit a white glow before adopting a reddish color, (this indicates that the sphere is about to fall), at that moment, jump (or double jump with Maria) and you will obtain the sphere and therefore the trophy. Enter the tunnel from right as wolf and when you're about at the middle, turn to bat and exit as a bat. Location: Vancouver. To get the key to the door, during the second area (the one after the bridge), get to the highest part of the tower but do not cross through the door on the left to the third area. Richter Belmont: He can be missed if you destroy the orb without ever hitting him. The spell costs 10 MP and grants a DEF Boost for some seconds, but apart from that, it is not of much use. A single use of the special attack is enough to end Shaft´s life! If you exit the room without collecting the sword and then come back, it is gone for good and you won't be able to get the trophy since there is no enemy that drops it (thanks to optimusmart for pointing it out). Castlevania Requiem: Cowstlevania Portrait of Mooin’ Trophy. Finally, it has been reported that for some players, this trophy didn’t come out if they received damage during the Shaft´s battle. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood: Defeat Dracula as Maria. Granfaloon (or Legion, as is known in other installments of the series), is an enemy composed of dead bodies and is the boss of the Catacombs area of the normal castle. However, if what you want is some challenge, I will write some tips to deal with each boss. In order to get this trophy, it is necessary that you obtain and equip the Secret Boots, which are located in the western area of the Underground Caverns, behind the waterfall. water without getting damage. A problem with the emulated version of the game is that, sometimes, the square in which you are will not be filled in the moment. This soul is found after defeating Legion and past the room with the Rippers. This trophy makes reference to the musical fantasy film The Wizard of Oz of 1939 and to obtain it, you will have to eliminate at least one of each of the following specific enemies: the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion. Once you get the card, activate the familiar and transform into a bat. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood: Complete 100% of the game. Napsylvania: Lethargy of DisChair The trophy will pop after a few seconds. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood: Rescue Annette. If you did it correctly, you will eat the peanuts, restore 50 HP and the trophy will be yours. If you followed the guide, there is no reason for him to not be registered. To give you an idea of when to jump, once the sphere materializes, place yourself under it. There are 5 Dracula relics scattered throughout the inverted castle in SOTN and you must obtain all of them if you want to face Dracula and get the true ending. Instead, attack the gear located on the door on the right until it opens. Also, be sure to kill Dracula with a different character. The others can be obtained by performing the button combinations or by buying the scrolls from the Master Librarian at the Long Library (normal castle). Castlevania Requiem: Running on Schmooze Control Trophy. Easiest way: If you chose to keep your starting equipment (“Tips and Tricks”), he will not stand a chance. After the fourth teleport, Dracula will attack with two energy balls, the first one from above and the second one from below, duck the first one and jump the second to evade the attack. This makes them both fly into the air again. With respect to the Roadmap, we will be talking about two separate games: About Rondo of Blood Routes Finally, you will also be doing some of the miscellaneous trophies along the way. Once defeated, take the lower path and a little further on, instead of going through the door located at the top, destroy the rocks that are directly below it (starting with the highest). I found an easy way. Galamoth is a giant boss that resides in the Floating Catacombs of the Inverted Castle and is easily one of the hardest bosses in the game if you are not well prepared. The Young Huntress A gargantuan demon who has planned a takeover of Hell for 10 thousand years, Galamoth is a towering monster possessing great strength and powerful magic. If you really wanna play SOTN you need an original PSX. The route I followed is simple, with the exception of the Anti Chapel section, and you should reach the final battle without too much troubles (I do think it may not be the fastest path though). Finally, when you are in the last section (before the blue door), use the soul of bat and when you are next to the door, change to the mist for a few frames and quickly press the button where you equipped the potions while also holding left on the directional pad. Castlevania Requiem - Symphony Of The Night - Money Farming, Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood. 15:40. Boss Strategy (Richter Belmont) As soon as you reach the Outer Wall area, after going through the Marble Gallery and the Clock room in the normal castle, descend to the lowest part and you will find the telescope room (Napsylvania: Lethargy of DisChair). Details of the Galamoth enemy in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (SotN, PlayStation, PS, PS1, PSX), including its hit points, resistances, drops, and experience value You can also get 2 Crissaegrims (Running on Schmooze Control) and defeat the bosses with almost the same ease. Check the map below for its exact location: Position yourself in front of any of the chairs and press . What is a man!? You can start farming kills from the Stage 1 (if you kill all enemies with this attack, you should get the 15 kills needed before reaching the first boss, of the normal route) or even more easily, in the second area of Stage 2 (normal route), after entering the castle, by killing the infinite spawning zombies. Attack the statue and return to where the third statue was, which you can now reach thanks to a new opened path. In order to save (trophy description says defeat for some reason) Richter from Shaft's control, it is necessary that you first obtain and equip the Holy Glasses before the fight with Richter Belmont in the throne room of the Castle Keep area (normal castle). Once you get to the clock room in the Black Marble Gallery, of the inverted castle, I suggest going down the middle hole and getting (if you do not have it already) the holy water. Castlevania Sotn - Galamoth. For the purpose of this guide, and to obtain one of the few missable trophies in the game, it is necessary to first kill Richter in the throne room of the Castle Keep area (Normal Castle) without equipping the holy glasses given to you by Maria, hence getting the bad ending. I am aware that there are easier ways to kill him.When I filmed this, I hadn't checked online to see any of the tricks to quick kill Galamoth. Special: Boku Dracula-kun, a spin-off title to the Castlevania series originally released in Japan in 1990 for the Famicom console (and later remade for the Gameboy), in which Galamoth played the role of the final boss. Look for it in one of the web sites under the “Additional Resources” section of the guide and after killing it (them) you will get the trophy. Step 3 (Cleanup): Get the Joseph's Cloak, the Duplicator and cleanup the remaining trophies. How to obtain the Mablung Sword You can find peanuts in both the Abandoned Pit to the Catacombs of the Normal Castle and the Reverse Caverns of the Inverted Castle. Not to mention ones power dwarfs the other entirely. Fly through the passage from left to right as a bat, then, when reaching the end, morph to the wolf form and walk back through it from right to left. Just What the Doctor Ordered Additionally, you can get the armor as a rare drop from the Spiked Ball on top of the Bone Pillar enemy located at the top of the staircase in the Royal Chapel of the normal castle (for some reason, the Spiked Ball has its own drops but not its own enemy entry data). TheHigherPower said: ... Just touch something with your shield and they're done in a few seconds (even Galamoth). You can find Richter in this area of the map: To get this trophy, it is necessary to face him without equipping the holy glasses (Flip It and Reverse It) received from Maria. Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood is a digital emulated version (through the PS4´s built in PSP emulator) of the PSP remake/collection Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles that includes both masterpieces, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (ROB) and its direct sequel, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (SOTN), without the 2.5D remake of the first one. Important: It is recommended that you keep “surprising” the Master Librarian a couple of times more to get the Axe Lord Armor (Whip First, Axe Questions Later) as well as other important items like the Ring of Arcana and the Dracula's Tunic (available only after saving Richter). (It is important to mention that contrary to the Sega Saturn version, you don’t need the fairy to be at level 8 but at level 5) Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Thank you! Go to the top-right corner and enter the room to get the item. (Check the map below for the specific location). 1: the ability to just combo you to death. It is located in the following part of the map: Boss strategy (Granfaloon) The Gravity boots can be obtained at the Marble Gallery as soon as you get the Soul of Bat (Check “Vampire’s Greatest Hits” trophy description). The Holy Symbol is a relic that allows Alucard to walk through (holy?) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Obtain the Holy Symbol relic that allows Alucard to travel freely underwater. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Defeat all the classic Castlevania bosses and obtain Dracula’s Relics. Two locations (the ones I tested and made the videos shared below about), that prove to be efficient to farm money are the following: Whichever method you choose, after you get $500,000, teleport to the Long Library and buy the Duplicator. You can find the boots right where the following map shows: Once you equip the boots the trophy will be yours! Right after finishing the fight against Olrox, follow the corridor on the left side (if you come from the main tower of the Royal Chapel it is the room after the door) and when you reach the chandelier, jump and hit the ceiling (or use a spell like soul steal), a new room will open and, after entering it you will find the Fairy Card. When i bet him in the ps1 version i was doing ~50 damage to his legs, maybe i had enough strength to break his defense before? Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Hear the song of the Fairy Familiar. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Purchase the Duplicator. Life Max Up and HP Max Up icons indicate where those items are located. The trophy will be yours shortly after. Once you get into the boat, he will take you even further to a room where you can get the relic (although you can also fly with the bat, thus avoiding the ride). Close Associates Life Max Up and HP Max Up icons indicate where those items are located. Unfortunately, each relic is guarded by a powerful enemy which you must defeat if you want to obtain the relic. Do this once more and he will get give you something better (a key which you need to open the door to the boss of this stage, take the key, otherwise you will have to get it while dealing with some pesky bats). Each time you enter a room, it will be filled with a blue color, a red color (save room) or a yellow color (warp room), with each square of the room representing a percentage of approximately 0.11% of the map. However, keep in mind that Maria is weaker than Richter, so you should be careful not to get hit too often. Descend the stairs next to the statue, evade the attacking Mermans on the way and reach the door at the end of this area. Here is a video I made to show you where to find the ferryman and how to get the trophy: As soon as he finishes his teleportation, time your jump, dodging the column of fireballs on your way and trying to give him an extra hit. Trophy), Castlevania Requiem: Get the Soul of Bat earlier (no leap stone required), Castlevania Symphony of the Night: Glitched Speedrun 200.6% video by, Castlevania Requiem: Easiest way to kill Galamoth (Finish What Kid Dracula Started Trophy), Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood Trophy Guide, Complete both game routes (normal and alternate), Save the four maidens (Check each individual trophy description), As a rare drop from the enemy Discus Lord, located in the Catacombs of the Normal castle (check the map below for his location). When you see a tentacle opening, get out of the way, because it'll shoot a laser. Dracula is the final boss of the game and you will have to face him independent of the route you take. You Are Tearing Me Apart, Lisa! If this happens to you, do not despair, simply change to a different area or save your game in a save room. How to get the Sword Familiar The sword can be obtained in two ways: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Summon each Dawn Warrior at least once. At the end of this step, you should earn the following trophies: He should fall after some hits. Missable enemies considerations Scientific Progress goes BOINK! We each play out the parts Fate has written for us. For the first form, concentrate on hitting the head as soon as he finishes his teleport, time your jump, dodging the column of fireballs on your way and trying to give him an extra hit. 3. Here are maps of the two castles Alucard must explore. You can also get an Axe Lord Armor from the spiked ball in the chapel. save hide report. Castlevania Requiem: Intercepted Trophy. Don't break all the shell parts or it will go berserk. You saw that even with the walk armor, that lightning volley did half your health when you got caught in it. Castlevania Requiem: A Bird's Life Trophy. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Konami’s Castlevania Requiem re-release for PlayStation 4 includes the PSP version of Symphony of the Night, not the original PlayStation version, and Rondo of Blood with a few extra features. In this section, you will use the stage select feature to return to stage 1 and take the alternate routes while completing the remaining trophies. Use the mist to avoid his skulls and the delta attack too. Do not confuse this with the FAERIE familiar. Once on top, you will find the complete set. I have SOTN on my PS One and it's not the same on PS4 / Xbox live. Obtaining a percentage of 200.6% is not a difficult task, however, it will take dedication and time, as well as the help of resources (the “Additional Resources” section will help you find each of the 1890 rooms scattered along both castles - 942 in the castle Normal and 948 in the inverted castle). Keep in mind that each one of them cost MP. To obtain the trophy, it is necessary that you obtain the sphere before it falls to the ground. Castlevania Requiem: Easiest way to kill Galamoth (Finish What Kid Dracula Started Trophy). In order to get this relic, which is located at the eastern end part of the Underground Caverns, you must first obtain the Merman Statue, another relic whose only purpose is to summon the ferryman at eastern end of the caverns. Normal Way: Richter is weak to darkness and immune to holy and stone attacks. It is also advisable to take advantage of this step to get most of the miscellaneous trophies. The following describes how to get these spells. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood: Defeat 15 enemies with Richter's extended whip. The Crissaegrim is the most powerful single-handed sword of the game and can only be obtained as a rare drop from the enemy nicknamed “Schmoo” (a floating disembodied enemy that flies erratically and can deal dark damage), the only enemy of the Forbidden Library (Long library of the inverted castle) that is not based on The Wizard of Oz. The extended version of the whip (chain? He will fall after a few seconds. - Kain. The ferryman is found during stage 4’ (alternate route). Once you do this, a new menu will be enabled under the system menu settings called "Cloak Color". Dodge his spheres and turn into mist when they emit electricity. Defeat it and go to the next room above to obtain a Life Max Up and Heart Max Up. He will die in seconds! There are two ways of getting this trophy. Ok, easy way, but a bit time consuming, to get experience for all your familiars.

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