FACTION CANDIDE 2.0x Mlle These skis generally weigh a little more than the efficient series models but offer superior soft and deep snow performance. It is similar to backcountry skiing. How tall are you? Some of these "alpine crossover" skis weigh only a little more than the dedicated touring models, but offer superior downhill perfomance. K2 MINDBENDER 90C ALLIANCE BLACK CROWS CAMOX 11 bids. You’ll either not tour much or be buying a new boot next season! BLACK CROWS ATRIS ATOMIC BACKLAND 78 UL STOCKLI EDGE 100 Give them the present you know they'll like! BLIZZARD SHEEVA 10 I’ve started to settle in back in the UK after another superb season where the weather was kind for the most part, the snow was excellent although we endured a couple of tough patches, and we had some new clients mix in with our regular faithful’s. DYNAFIT PDG Looking for a ski 85-100 mm and around my height. K2 WAYBACK 88 Sign up for our newsletter for stories, gear reviews, and all the latest Cripple Creek News! STOCKLI STORMRIDER 95 LINE SIR FRANCIS BACON ZAG H-96 Buy alpine touring skis and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! The shorter they are, the more weight saved for the uphill and better dexterity in tight conditions. Then you've a margin of effort to play with and can use a wider ski without losing speed over the day. Please create account through ##customer_email## email, ski touring industry is growing faster and faster, Recreational Level 1 Avalanche Training Preparation Tips. ATOMIC BACKLAND 117 Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items SCOTT SCRAPPER 95 Ski Mountaineers want to climb and descend as many vertical metres as possible and count every gram: uphill performance is as important as the downhill. Back in the day all skis were skinny and straight and usually really, really long. Powder or Freeride boards are going to be sized differently to Ski Mountaineering tools which will be sized differently to All Mountain skis. BLACK CROWS ORB BLIZZARD BONAFIDE ZAG UBAC 95 The best alpine touring skis are those that you feel most comfortable with for the terrain and type of snow you’ll be riding on. VOILE OBJECTIVE KASTLE BMX115 In general, we advise our customers to size alpine touring skis a bit shorter than a alpine resort ski. ATOMIC BACKLAND 95 KASTLE TX90 If you're looking for ski for covering long distances, for a ski that will not be tiring when climbing since it's still light, then take a look at the efficient skis. The following will cover everything you need on our chamonix ski touring course and our ski touring holidays – some items on or ski touring kit list are only needed on particular (eg multiday) tours – as indicated in the notes. Here is the basic work flow for selecting a pair of alpine touring skis: Those are the nuts and bolts of how to size an alpine touring ski. FISCHER HANNIBAL Ski touring combines elements of Nordic and alpine skiing and embraces such sub-disciplines as Telemark and randonnée. However, you don't want to size down too much because your weight and height could overpower the ski. Alpine Touring. Dynafit Tourlite 3 Size 43 Alpine Ski Touring. BLACK DIAMOND HELIO 95 Now skis have curved shapes and … Some names to keep in mind are rocker, camber, sidecut and turning radius. Next Post →. Any ski recommendations. Should you like some suggestions or help selecting the best model for your needs, please get in touch. We discussed different styles of ski touring and their associated quiver slots and how that can affect our ski selection. On Sale Only. K2 MINDBENDER 99TI ZAG UBAC 102 Lighter skis excel on the climb and are easier to handle when performing kick turns. K2 Miss Baker Alpine Touring Skis with Bindings- Women's '09 Style T07091 150 GBP, Collection Only, Happy to throw in a ski bag as well 167cm, minor cosmetic scratches, AMAZING alpine touring/randonee setup! Alpine ski poles are longer than other poles, because they're also used as walking sticks. BLIZZARD ZERO G 95 STOCKLI EDGE 88 Narrow short skis designed for skimo (SKI Mountaineering) use and fitness training, when fitness means climbing as fast as possible. Snowleader has a great selection of men's and women's touring ski and bindings packages for sale online. VOLKL MANTRA V WERKS For a more in-depth description on quiver slots, check out our, For competing and exercise-focused touring, Thinking about entering a ski mountaineering race? K2 WAYBACK 88 Looking to get a resort touring set up. FACTION PRIME 2.0 In the backcountry, it’s up to you to haul your own equipment up the mountain. The important next step when selection alpine touring skis is to look at ski geometry. ATOMIC BENT CHETLER 100 Dynafit Seven Summit Alpine Touring Packages The introduction of the Seven Summit Ski Set shook the touring world upon its first announcement. SCOTT SPEEDGUIDE 95 £12.00 postage. SCOTT SPEEDGUIDE 80 Only buy a backcountry ski of 115mm+ if you plan on skiing regularly in deep conditions or Alaska-type lines that require a big, powerful ski … STOCKLI STORMRIDER 105 Type To Filter. A heavy ski can easily go unnoticed when riding lifts, but it will quickly become fatiguing as you slog up the skin track. We talked about how to size skis from our height and weight. VOLKL M5 SALOMON S/LAB X-ALP BLACK DIAMOND HELIO REACON 105 Alpine Touring Skis At Telemark Pyrenees we stock a huge range of skis that can be used for alpine ski touring. DYNAFIT SPEEDFIT 84 a few years old now but never worn for riding. Hopefully, this information shed some light on the seemingly daunting process of choosing touring skis. This gives us a work flow to follow for how to best select skis for touring. Hi, I’m an experienced skier who has got through mid level instructor courses. FACTION PRIME 2.0 We spend most of the day skinning so you need this to be fun. K2 TALKBACK 88 W These skis are also a good choice for small and lighter skiers who may find the wider models too heavy for pleasant climbing. Ski Touring and Backcountry Skiing Equipment List. Many of these skis have been designed specifically for ski touring, while others are alpine models that lend themselves well to being used for ski touring and backcountry skiing. BLIZZARD RUSTLER 9 FACTION PRIME 4.0 BLACK CROWS CAMOX FREEBIRD Excellent fun when conditions are right, fat skis are definately the way to go if you're lucky enough to only ski powder, and are either un-naturally strong or will only be climbing relatively short routes. FACTION DICTATOR 3.0 DYNASTAR VERTICAL DEER BlACK CROWS NAVIS But conversely, they’ll be heavier for touring uphill and be challenging to maneuver when in tight trees or narrow couloirs. If you weigh a little more for your height, ski very fast wide-open turns, or intend on skiing with a heavy pack - then we would suggest sizing to the upper end of your range. LINE SAKANA FACTION CANDIDE 2.0 I’m 175 out of ski boots and 84 kg; ski gotamas in 184 and mantras in 177, find short skis unbearable; just thinking of first tour gear, going to start with k2 pinnacle boots 130; for my height have shorter legs, what would you advise for ski height if you can share an opinion? If you'll be skiing a lot of powder go for longer skis, if you'll be spending most of the time on ice and / or steep couloirs then choose a shorter ski. Thoughts? FACTION PRODIGY 3.0 FACTION CANDIDE 4.0 The. SCOTT SLIGHT 93 Wider than race skis, Efficient skis have a waist of 70-85 mm, are lightweight and can be considered the latest generation of "traditional" touring skis. Your skis can be just like the ones you use at the resort, though most people opt for a fatter ski when they head into the backcountry because more surface area means you don’t sink … STOCKLI STORMRIDER 95 DYNAFIT SPEEDFIT 84 W On the downside, this also means more weight and just more ski to manage. LINE SAKANA DPS ALCHEMIST WAILER 112 RP2 BLIZZARD ZERO G 105 LINE PANDORA 84 If so then try and save a few grams using a lighter ski, it'll make the trip more fun for you. Reorder. More width makes these more stable with better floatation in fresh and spring snow. DYNAFIT DNA In theory, all you need is a pair of light skis with touring skins fitted with a pair of touring bindings, a pair of ski poles, a backpack and technical clothes that will help keep your body at the right temperature. Will that be too short? LINE SICK DAY 104 Modern ski design and materials enable the manufacturers to build touring skis that are robust, that ski well and very light. £15.00 postage. BLACK CROWS CAMOX BIRDIE These might be your usual lift-served skis but with alpine touring bindings and climbing skins, or a separate AT specific pair altogether. DPS ALCHEMIST WAILER 99 Skier's had to initiate turns by offsetting the skis in order to create an arc (tele skiing). HEAD KORE 117 DYNASTAR MYTHIC 97 PRO SORRY. NORDICA ENFONCER 93 If you're looking for these then you almost certainly don't need any advice!! At Telemark Pyrenees we stock a huge range of skis that can be used for alpine ski touring. VOILE HYPERVECTOR ATOMIC BACKLAND 102 W ZAG H-95 This helps reduce the overall setup weight for uphill travel and allows you to have more maneuverability while skiing in variable backcountry conditions. Super light weight! Probably not the best choice for beginners since turn initiation may be a little more demanding in difficult snow conditions, and the slight weight disadvantage compared to true touring skis can tire less experienced skiers faster. Choose these skis if you're racing or a performance fitness fanatic timing each outing. I have some Salomon qst 120 with low tech insert soles. SCOTT SUPERGUIDE 95 2020 VOLKL 100EIGHT W The important next step when selection alpine touring skis is to look at ski geometry. DYNAFIT PDG BLACK CROWS DAEMON Our choice for the best overall touring product is the Dynafit Radical ST 2.0. BLIZZARD RUSTLER 10 These are narrower alpine skis designed for use mainly on piste but that can also be used in moderate offpiste conditions. VOILE HYPERCHARGER WOMEN  KASTLETX82  ATOMIC BENT CHETLER 100 VOILE HYPERVECTOR BC  VOLKL MANTRA V WERKS. To show these we've added the categories Freeride All Mountain, Freeride Powder, Piste and Backcountry Freestyle. K2 FULLUVIT 95 TI W STOCKLI STORMRIDER 88 Mounted with touring bindings they can be a good choice for skiers who ski mainly in resorts but want one pair of skis with which to also tour occasionally. I would highly advise looking at a lighter oriented boot, especially if it’s a dedicated touring boot. These skis have waists over 100 mm, loads of float and are the skis you see in just about all the offpiste / backcountry ski videaos. DYNASTAR VERTICAL LINE SICK DAY 114 BLACK CROWS VERTIS Try to have a coherent set-up with boots of the same category as the skis.

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